The Cutting Edge

For over four-decades, my ongoing work with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the National Air and Space Administration (NASA) has kept me continuously on the cutting edge of the most promising developments in cardiovascular know-how: 

  • new cardiovascular management strategies
  • testing methodologies
  • medical treatments
  • drugs, devices, and research initiatives.


Author + Editor

My published work includes 8 books and over 500 articles featured in the world’s leading cardiology journals.


I also serve on the editorial boards of 8 of the worlds most highly regarded cardiology journals.
That means I actively review new papers on the latest research for all 8 journals — which means I not only know about all the latest research findings and breakthroughs — I learn about them months before most other physicians do.  


  • The Journal of Cardiology — over 13-years as editor-in-chief — 2nd oldest peer-reviewed cardiology journal. 
  • European Heart Journal
  • More


The greatest impact on the health of Americans has come through the FDA’s oversight of medical devices and drugs.

  • FDA Advisor since 1997.
  • 3 Terms — Chairman of FDA Cardio-Renal Drugs Advisory Committee.
  • 1 Term — Chairman of FDA Cardio-Device Advisory Panel.

My longterm FDA involvement means continual access and exposure to ALL treatment-related data regarding cardiovascular drugs, devices, and therapies — not just the limited sampling that finds its way to general publication. Having the knowledge and insights that other doctors don’t, means I can make the best, most informed, determinations regarding your unique personal circumstances and most efficacious course of care.


The world’s premier medical research institute — an extraordinary clinical skills development opportunity.
Why? Because the best clinicians make the best researchers who in turn make the best clinicians who in turn…

  • 8 years — as what exactly?
  • Chair of OSMB Oversite board
  • Chair of multiple Ad Hoc Committees, including: xxxx, cccccc, fffffff.
  • Recipient of multiple NIH research grants.


24 years as a NASA Advisor
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